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    • Análisis Funcional 

      Alejandra Rodríguez Dávila (10/03/2018)
      The explanation of the main elements to take into account when performing a functional analysis in clinical psychology is explained

      Alejandra Rodríguez Dávila (20/03/2018)
      In the present OVA, the explanation of the main skills that must be developed in the clinical context is performed.
    • Proceso Terapeutico 

      Alejandra Rodríguez Dávila (10/03/2018)
      Some relevant aspects are mentioned to take into account in any therapeutic process. Starting with the definition of a therapeutic process, the characteristics of the therapeutic relationship, how to propose an intervention ...
    • Terapia de Aceptación y Compromiso 

      Alejandra Rodríguez Dávila (20/04/2018)
      An explanation of the therapy of acceptance and commitment, its philosophical and theoretical bases, premises of the therapy, and components are made.
    • Terapia de Activación Conductual 

      Alejandra Rodríguez Dávila (05/05/2018)
      In the present OVA, behavioral activation therapy is considered as a third generation therapy, indicating some of the most important theoretical aspects, objectives and principles
    • Terapia de Exposición 

      Alejandra Rodríguez Dávila (19/04/2018)
      Relevant aspects of exposure therapy are presented, such as explanatory behavioral theories, types of exposure and relevant aspects of the process.
    • Terapia Dialéctico Conductual (DBT) 

      Alejandra Rodríguez Dávila (19/04/2018)
      In the present OVA, the presentation of the therapy is made followed by the presentation of the characteristics of the borderline personality disorder. The basis of the model, the structure of the treatment, the stages of ...

      Alejandra Rodríguez Dávila (06/06/2018)
      Se realiza una contextualización de las tres generaciones de terapias desde el enfoque cognitivo conductual