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    • Neurona 

      Cely Amezquita, Ana Lucía (Facultad de PsicologíaPsicologíaColombia, 2009-11-30)
      This educational resource talks about the neuron as a structural and functional unit of the nervous tissue, are cells with cytoplasm, nucleus, cell membrane and organelles. They are special because they have the ability ...
    • Pares Craneales 

      Clavijo Montoya, Hernando Augusto (Facultad de PsicologíaPsicologíaColombia, 2009-12-30)
      They are a set of nerves that come directly from the brain, unlike other nerves in the nervous system. In general terms we can say that the brain communicates with almost all the nerves of the brain through the spinal cord. ...