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    • Clases Sociales 

      Sierra Puentes , Myriam Carmenza (Colombia, 2014-06-30)
      La clase social se refiere al ingreso y poder social de ese grupo de personas que comparten obligaciones, privilegios y maneras de comportarse.
    • Economía de Fichas 

      Álvarez Velásquez, Juan Guillermo (Facultad de PsicologíaPsicologíaColombia, 2014-06-30)
      This card technique is a great tool that we can use for early childhood work with an application called Boosters, it is done taking into account the point of view of parents and children, is measured by an indicator of ...
    • Topología de Red 

      Ortiz Arias, Leidy Jhoana (Facultad de Matemáticas e IngenieríasIngeniería de SistemasColombia, 2011-11-30)
      This educational resource talks about network topologies which refer to the form of interconnection in a network in terms of its physical aspect which is the medium and in its logical aspect which is the form of access to ...