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    • Ficha De Lectura 

      Vega Aguirre, Diana Carolina (Facultad de PsicologíaPsicologíaColombia, 2011-06-30)
      The reading tab is basically a tool that helps summarize very important data. First of all, it helps to systematize the textual ideas or paraphrases that you extract from the consulted documents. It also facilitates the ...
    • SQL Avanzado 

      Torres Valencia, Fernando (Facultad de Matemáticas e IngenieríasIngeniería de SistemasColombia, 2012-12-30)
      To start this presentation it is essential to take into account some key words such as SQL Union, SQL Union ALL, SQL Intersect, SQL Minus, SQL Subquery, SQL Exists and SQL Case. Therefore the purpose of the SQL Union command ...