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    • All In A Day'S Work 

      Fernandez Alvarado, Octavio Hernan (Colombia, 2010-06-30)
      We use the simple present to talk about things that happen every day, week , month , etc. The continuous present to talk about things that happen now.
    • Past Simple 

      Chavez Cardenas, Luz Ayda (Colombia, 2010-12-30)
      La estructura past simple esta formada por: sujeto mas verbo en pasado mas complemento viene en afirmativo también en negativo.
    • Past To Be 

      Naranjo Mazuera, Luz Adriana (Colombia, 2010-06-30)
      The "simple past" is used to talk about an action that ended at a time before the current one. The duration is not relevant. The time for action may be the recent past or the distant past.
    • Simple Present Verb To-Be 

      Bello Rojas, Gloria Estela (Colombia, 2010-06-30)
      We can use the simple present tense when an action is happening right now, or when it occurs regularly, or incessantly, which is why it is sometimes called present indefinite. It is one of the present tenses used in English.
    • Wh Questions 

      Bello Rojas, Gloria Estela (Colombia, 2010-06-30)
      Wh questions are used to request specific information when required. we have different types of Wh questions like:How? Time.