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    • Industrias Culturales: Sector Fonográfico 

      Villamizar Villar, Sergio (Escuela de PosgradosEspecialización en Psicología del ConsumidorColombia, 2014-11-30)
      This educational resource talks about the phonographic sector which they define as the world market of the phonographic industry is formed by large production companies and publishers that usually they are part of entertainment ...
    • Ova 8. Imperfecciones en el Arreglo Atómico 

      Hernández Leal, John Ivan (Facultad de Matemáticas e IngenieríasIngeniería IndustrialColombia, 2012-11-30)
      This educational resource presents exercises of interstitial sites where the parameters of iron network FCC and BCC are given. Similarly, it follows that the BCC structure has two atoms per unit cell and the FCC structure ...