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    • Las 5 Fuerzas Competitivas De Porter Parte 1 

      Lora Suarez, Julio Enrique (Colombia, 2009-12-30)
      The five forces correspond to an analysis by Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter. They serve to analyse competition within a given industry in order to develop a good business strategy. It also allows us to ...
    • Diamante Competitivo Sesión 1 

      Lora Suarez, Julio Enrique (Colombia, 2009-12-30)
      It is important to identify those who have the capacity to participate in the competitive environment and what its dynamics are, the answer is very simple, for this it is necessary to investigate and determine the forces ...
    • Diamante Competitivo Sesión 2 

      Lora Suarez, Julio Enrique (Colombia, 2009-12-30)
      At the beginning we will ask a very important question. how to integrate the elements into the diamond factors?. First to identify the clusters we will take into account the index of specialization tool, For the analysis ...