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    • Los Datos 

      Pájaro Fuentes, Leandro (Colombia, 2021-06-25)
      Importance of data, uses and trends
    • Efecto del entrenamiento en fluidez y flexibilidad en marcos relacionales sobre puntajes de inteligencia. 

      Castro Méndez, Lina María (Escuela de PosgradosMaestría en Psicología Clínica, 2020)
      Abstract: The objective of this study was to demonstrate the effect of training on fluency and flexibility in the coordination, opposition and comparison frameworks on intelligence scores. The instruments used to obtain ...
    • Historia de la psicometría 

      Morales Bopp, Maria del Rocio (Facultad de PsicologíaPsicologíaColombia, 2021-05-31)
      It describes the history of psychometrics from the selection tests in China, through the measurement laboratories of Wundt, Galton and Cattell; the journey ends in the proliferation of intelligence, aptitude and personality ...
    • Inteligencia 

      Arenas Borrero, Álvaro Enrique (Facultad de PsicologíaPsicologíaColombia, 2010-11-30)
      Este recurso educativo habla acerca de la inteligencia como potencial psicobiológico para resolver problemas o para crear productos que sean valiosos en al menos un contexto cultural. Asimismo presenta las bases biológicas, ...
    • Inteligencia 

      Fajardo Forero, Luis Fernando (Facultad de PsicologíaPsicologíaColombia, 2011-06-30)
      It is the individual’s overall ability to act with purpose, think rationally, and effectively manage the environment around him. It is a complex psychological function, of abstraction and symbolization and one of the ...
    • Orígenes de la Psicología Cognoscitiva 

      Aranguren Corredor, Julián Felipe (Facultad de PsicologíaPsicologíaColombia, 2011-06-30)
      It is a theory of knowledge that is oriented to understand things taking into account the perception of objects and the relationships and interactions between them. It states that the assessment of reality is appropriate ...
    • Relación entre inteligencia y resiliencia. 

      Merchán Rodríguez, Evelyn Lisceth (Escuela de PosgradosMaestría en Psicología Clínica, 2020)
      The present work a study of type cross correlational that hoped identify relationship between resilience and the diferent levels intelligence. For it used a sample of 107 children's, girls and teenage of 8 and 16 years and ...